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15 August 2011 @ 10:28 am
I never use LiveJournal.
08 May 2009 @ 12:29 pm
Well, lookie here. I have a paid account!


...To encourage me to USE my livejournal so my five bucks isn't wasted.

I'm so anal, though. I want to make ALL my own icons. I'm working on a header now (the one I stole uptop is just a CSS placekeeper; I'm too lazy to memorize CSS), but I'm not so sure about the color scheme... =/ Just seems a bit subdued, considering how many colors I love to cram into everything. I don't really like the default layout of Flexible Squares, either, but eh... I'll man up. I have too much other shiz to do. And I'm REALLY freaking tired. But I can't afford to sleep and have an appointment in an hour, then have to go shopping... Grrr.

Plans for AB go well. ...When I can MAKE them. I'm working on a kick-butt dread wig with cyber falls. ...Because I WANT TO. Okay?

I'll be sure and post some pics of my progress soon, JUST to prove I have made some.
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02 May 2009 @ 03:43 am
...Hey, the more LJs, the merrier!

I had an interesting conversation with thinwhiteduke76 Monte. It started out with me nagging him to critique a "poem" I wrote, and let up to a back-and-forth FEEDBACK WAR as far as our literary accomplishments. We had some interesting things to say, and I think we both gained a bit of insight.

Here's the convo, minus Monte's lovely writing. xD

Monte and Pyro talk WRITING!Collapse )

...In case you couldn't tell, I also bought him a sub so he could give and receive crit on dA. Since I saved money this weekend, I gave Tori one, too, since she's ALSO a crit nut.

It's nice to have these conversations with him again. ^^; I missed our old discussions about The Duke. ...If you're curious, The Duke is his novel (as well as his nickname). You should go check him out; I've been reading his writing since he was fourteen, and he's got a lot a going for him.

...Second, my brother, who's moving out soon, has been nice to me lately. Like, offering me trips to Wal-Mart, bringing me cookies, and talking to me on AIM about The Beatles. ...As such.

This is pointless, but why not?Collapse )

...I'm gonna miss him. ;w; ...But don't tell him that.

...Well, now that I've gone tag-happy here, I should probably get to formatting my ugly journal, but ehhh....
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